5 Vegan Dishes to Enjoy at Simpsons

world vegan month in Stroud

Image courtesy of Vegan Punks

It was World Vegan Month in November, and to celebrate we’re showcasing our vegan dishes to get you inspired to try out this exciting plan-based diet. From fake fish and chips to our personal favourite, frickles, we love trying out new flavours and veganism gives us that opportunity. So get reading, be hungry and head on over to our Stroud shop to enjoy these tasty treats.


Why should all the fish-eating people get to enjoy the goodies? We put our creative heads together to develop our super tasty, tofish recipe – your plant-based alternative to battered fish.

To create the zesty and fresh flavour you expect from ‘fish’, we bath tofu in a mixture of salt water and lemongrass, before drying them out and coating in a sheet of seaweed. From there, the pieces are then coated in our Simpsons batter and deep fried. Served with a wedge of lemon and pinch of salt, our tofish is the fishless alternative you’ve been waiting for. Plus, due to popularity, we’ve now made plans to keep it as a permanent feature on our Stroud menu!


Sweet, juicy, crispy and tangy, our frickles are the bomb. Not sure what they are? We’ve basically taken delicious pickles and deep-fried them to create a taste sensation. Not only that, but they’re 100% vegan, making them the perfect accompaniment to your tofish and chips.


First we deep-fried pickles. Now we’ve taken it that extra step further, and deep-fried our spicy number ones: jalapenos. Sweet, spicy and oh so moreish, these are a must-try next time you’re in Stroud. For the perfect mix, add these alongside your main for that spicy kick.  

Pea Fritter

Love mushy peas? Well, you’ll love our pea fritters, a modern take on this classic chippy side. Perfect on their own or next to your main, we know you’ll love tasty little morsels.

Vegan Patties

Made with vegan cheese and potatoes, our vegan patties are a super cheesy treat for plant-lovers who miss the flavour of cheese. We love these with a portion of chips and lots of ketchup, but you can have them however you fancy.

So, whether you’re a vegan or just fancy trying something new, be sure to head over to our Stroud shop.