Run by husband and wife team Bonny and James (with help of Bonny's lovely parents), Simpsons aims to create not only top quality food, but also an amazing experience for its customers. Despite only opening its doors back in 2009, fish and chips have been in the family since 1976 - which means they know a lot about food and take it pretty seriously! Bonny and James also believe the best fish and chips should have nothing to hide, so they don't add salt, MSG or bulking agents to their natural batter mix. They also source the best quality fish and spuds and cook them with care. Their ethos and commitment is what led to their award winning accolade: the UK's Number 1 Fish & Chip Takeaway 2016.




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We recycle all card and glass used in our store, and have Eco light fittings and sensors throughout. To take our friendship with the environment to the next level, we have even asked for permission from the council to install solar panels - keep your eyes peeled!

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We take training pretty seriously. That’s why all of our staff have the opportunity to gain any relevant qualifications they choose. Currently, they hold 13 Food Safety Lvl 2 qualifications, 5 First Aid Lvl 2, 2 First Aid Lvl 3 and many more.


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