Simpsons show Cadbury’s how to perfectly batter a Creme Egg

Simpsons and Cadbury’s Eatertainment

With Easter not too far away, we’ve been busy hatching a plan of how to educate the nation on cooking a cracking battered Creme Egg.

It’s well known that we’re fans of battering these delicious eggs full of creamy, gooey goodness. But when Cadbury’s got in touch with us to film how we batter their Creme Eggs, we couldn’t contain our excitement.

The video will feature on Cadbury’s EATertainment website as part of their ‘Girl vs Goo’ series, where presenter Jahanna James is on a mission travelling the country to find the best Creme Egg dishes.

Bonny from Simpsons talks to Cadbury’s Eatertainment for battered creme egg

Filming in our Simpsons on Wheels van, Bonny shows Jahanna just how we batter our Creme Eggs from start to finish.

To view the video – make sure you have a notepad at the ready to jot down our eggs-pert tips – just visit the EATertainment website.