Deep fried Creme Eggs… now cooking for Easter!


We’re putting a Simpsons twist on an Easter classic! You’ve heard of deep fried Mars Bars… but how about Creme Eggs? We’ll be frying up these beauties to order from 27 March. For only £1 you can sample a delight worthy of the Easter bunny, and what’s more, half of all proceeds will go to local charity Wiggly Worm.

We love being experimental at Simpsons and especially enjoy taking a seasonal classic and putting our spin on it. It’s quite an art creating the treat and perfect timing is key – frying the batter so it’s deliciously crispy and lightly warming the egg but ensuring it stays firm. Trust us, they really are yummy!

Order our deep fried Creme Egg as a takeaway or as a restaurant dessert from now until the end of the Easter holidays.