Exciting Simpsons News: We’re Expanding!


Yep, you heard us right – we’re incredibly excited to announce that the Simpsons business is expanding, with the launch of our very first fish and chip shop outside of Cheltenham!

Situated on Bedford Street, in Stroud, the location of our new shop is one close to our hearts, as it’s where Bonny’s mum, Jan Simpson was brought up. In fact, she launched her first fish and chip shop in Stonehouse, back in 1976.

On a personal level, both Bonny and I love the cool, creative atmosphere of Stroud, and as we both have Sculpture degrees it certainly speaks to our artistic sides. We know the environment is also important to the town and we’re passionate about this too. In fact, all our cod and haddock are MSC certified, we recycle everything we can, we have all of our food waste collected and only use sustainable groundnut oil. Plus, we use a high-efficiency frying range to use as little gas as possible.

We’d been looking for the perfect place to expand to in the county for several months, but absolutely fell in love with this building as soon as we saw it – a place that’s tucked behind the Subscription Rooms in the heart of the town. We’re currently working with Kelly James at Shadowplay in Cheltenham to help to bring the cool, designer feel of our Cheltenham restaurant to the new Stroud outlet and are hoping to open doors by the end of July this summer.

We can’t emphasise enough how much we’re looking forward to launching, and we really can’t wait to get to know the fantastic local community of Stroud. Stay tuned!