Introducing Simpsons on Wheels


Summer is officially here (even if it doesn’t feel like it just yet) and we’ve got plenty of exciting plans – including the launch of our latest venture, Simpsons on Wheels! Simpsons on Wheels is the name of our outdoor catering business, and we can’t wait to get our brand new van (nicknamed Vanessa) out on the road to our next big event. To help keep you guys in the loop, and to tell you all about our next big adventure, we’ve put together a handy article on how, what and why Simpsons on Wheels began.


Why outdoor catering?

Over the years we’ve often been asked to help out with outdoor catering, from birthday parties to weddings. Originally we were spending around three days on one event, with us prepping the food at the restaurant, setting up on the day, and clearing up after the big party. It ended up being a bit uneconomical, so along came our pop-up, swiftly followed by Simpsons on Wheels.


How it all began

Awkwardly we never really wanted a van, but it made complete sense to invest in one, so we were soon perusing the aisles of eBay. Once we’d found the one, we got in touch with artists behind our restaurant’s mural, asking them to hand paint an original design on our van. Check it out for yourself, and be sure to give us a beep if you spot us on the road.

The equipment inside our van

To ensure the food we produce out and about is just as amazing as it is back home, we’ve introduced some top quality equipment into our van. From our 5 pan traditional style frying range to a hot holding box – we’re ready to go when you are!


What’s on the outdoor menu?

Our outdoor menu is completely flexible, and down to what the host or event wants us to provide. Obviously, fish and chips will be the highlight, but in the past we’ve supplied tasty veggie options, and even hosted a completely gluten-free menu for a wedding where the bride suffered from Coeliac Disease.


Exciting events coming up

2016 is set to be a busy one, and we can’t wait to get stuck into the festival season. Our first and main event is the Cheltenham Food Festival, something we got involved with last year. Not only will there be plenty of amazing food and drink, as well as a great atmosphere, it also provides us with an opportunity to spread the Simpsons word – simple fish and chips taste great!


Time to get on the road

This is just the beginning of something really exciting, and we both can’t wait to see where it leads. But until then, we’re quite happy hanging out with Vanessa, serving all of you lovely customers some mouth-watering, quality fish and chips.

Got a big event coming up? To book Simpsons on Wheels, contact us here for more information.