Let Us Introduce You to Our Fish


You won’t be surprised to hear that we really love fish and seafood here at Simpsons, and to help spread the love we have for our underwater friends we’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog to them! From what the fish taste like, to where we source them from, you’ll leave this a blog as a connoisseur of the fishy world.




Sourced from reputable suppliers and sustained waters, you can be rest assured that our cod is the best of the best. With a subtle flavour and a firm flaky texture, this is a great fish for cooking with – including frying! It’s a popular fish, so it’s always important to buy from MSC certified fisheries – something we do every time!




With a slightly finer flake than cod, as well as a stronger flavour, haddock is a great white fish if you don’t fancy cod. Once again, this is an MSC protected fish and so we always ensure our haddocks are sourced from sustainable waters.




A flatfish with oodles of flavour, plaice goes perfectly with a wedge of lemon and a light golden coating. Although a delicate fish in consistency, it’s a firm favourite at Simpsons and we think it’s a brilliant alternative to the classics.




Despite looking a bit scary in its full form (think spiky teeth) with firm flakes and a subtle sweet flavour, hake makes for great alternative to cod. We serve it up in a light and crispy batter alongside our golden chips, so you just know you’re in for a treat when you choose hake.




A classic favourite throughout the generations, you can’t go wrong with scampi. Made using the best langoustines, our scampi is lightly battered and has a subtle sweet flavour that goes perfectly with chips and lashings of salt and vinegar.


King Prawns


The crème de la crème of the seafood world, our king prawns are one of our favourite dishes on the entire Simpsons menu. Sweet, succulent and perfect with chips, they’re ideal for when you fancy something a little different!

Do you now have the fishy brain power to impress your friends? Be sure to take them all out for a meal in our restaurant, where you’ll be able to dig into each of these delicious dishes.