Our children’s book is making food fun


Do you know where your fish and chips comes from? We want to make sure that younger Simpsons customers know all about the process behind their fish supper, so we’re launching a brand new children’s book to spread the Simpsons message!

We want to show the journey of fish and chips in our new and colourful children’s book, teaching children about the source of their food and the truth behind where fish and chips come from.

The colourful book, titled ‘Where Do Fish and Chips Come From?’, follows main character ‘Bonny’ (named after our very own Bonny Ritchie) on an adventure meeting the likes of Fisherman Frank and Farmer Fred. Children will be able to explore where their food is sourced from and how it is prepared – all with some colourful illustrations of course!

James thinks it’s really important to educate about where our food comes from. He says: “Teaching children the source of their food is incredibly important to us. Children often see food when it’s in packaging or cooked and ready prepared so we hope our book will show little ones the process. In particular with fish and chips, how little is involved from sea to plate. Just fresh, natural ingredients, simply prepared and cooked.”

“Fish and chips is not as unhealthy as everyone thinks it is, and that is something that we wanted to get across in the book. It should, of course, be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet but it has real nutritional value – especially the way we cook it! The book reflects the steps we take to create healthy fish and chips and our aim is to educate children on sourcing food responsibly and introduce them to the journey that it has to take in order to be enjoyed.”

‘Where Do Fish and Chips Come From?’ will be available from Simpsons Fish and Chips this summer. We’ll be launching the book at the Priors Road shop to school children from St Mary’s C of E Infant School on Wednesday 15 July 2015.