The importance of reading for children

With Cheltenham Literature Festival here, we’re joining in with the fun by offering little ones a copy of our Simpsons’ children’s book for free whilst stocks last.

Our children’s book explores where a portion of fish and chips comes from, following the journey from a farmer’s potato field to frying chips in nut oil.

When we’re surrounded by computers, phones, televisions and other digital forms of entertainment every day, we’re trying to encourage more people to take a screen break. Let’s bring back the joy of reading once again in children and adults alike.

Not only does reading improve a child’s cognitive development, improve their communication skills and help to reduce stress, it also creates opportunities to spend more time together as a family over a good book.

We know children follow by our example, so at Simpsons we’re also going to try and make a real conscious effort to be aware of how much time we’re spending in front of a screen and will be checking out the top books from the festival.

Plus as the future of our planet, we’re also keen to support and educate our children on the importance of sustainable fish and chips and understanding where your food comes from. Our children’s book covers all of this and more.

Come and pick up your free copy of our educational and fun book at Simpsons today, before we run out!