Time to make recycling the new norm


We’ve always been big believers in recycling at Simpsons as we understand the impact our industry can have on the environment. Join us as we continue to spread the message of making recycling the new norm.

Getting rid of plastic
We’ve always gone by the mantra of why use plastic when there are so many fantastic alternatives out there? We’ve been using recyclable bags and food packaging for a while now and love the support we get from all our customers about this.

Recycling food
We recycle all our food at Simpsons, however did you know approximately one-third of all food produced in the world is lost or wasted? This equates to £20bn worth of food wasted in the UK with the average family throwing away £810 worth of food every year.

Protecting the planet
However big or small, any changes you make can have a real impact on the planet. That’s why all of our light fittings are eco-friendly as are the sensors in our stores. We also recycle all of our oil, card and glass.

This September we’ll be fully supporting Recycle Week which runs from 23rd-29th and encourages everyone to give recycling a go. Rinse, crush, squash, sort and separate. Simple!

If we all work together we can really make a big difference in cutting down on plastic use and food wastage. Will you join us in being recycling champions?