We’re Officially on Snapchat!

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That’s right, we’re now on Snapchat! Why, you ask. Well it’s to ensure we fully immerse you (our lovely customers) into our Simpsons Fish and Chips world – whether that’s with the team pulling silly faces or with clips from behind the frying scenes!

Your reaction

Although we were initially nervous of the type of reception we’d get, we’ve been overjoyed by how many of you have been checking out our pictures and videos! We’ve also noticed that many of you have been sending us Snapchats back! Keep ‘em coming, we’re loving the ‘waiting for your order’ photos.

Who’s the brains behind it?

It’s a joint effort between the whole team, with every member getting involved when they can. A special thanks goes to Grant, one of our young friers, who does a fantastic job of managing our Snapchat account.

What you can expect

There aren’t any real rules when it comes to our Snapchat, we just pick up the camera and start posting! From the Chippylympics, where we hosted an activity every day and got our staff competing against each other, to our interpretation of gymnastics (don’t ask) it’s been a lot of fun.

The future of Simpsons Snapchat

We’ve got a lot planned in the upcoming months, from exclusive competitions to even more entertaining Snaps, so make sure you keep up-to-date with all our recent posts by adding us to your Snapchat feed: simpsonschippy